New Volunteer Training

Welcome New Volunteers!

I am so excited to learn of your interest in serving and sharing God’s love with international students. I’m here to help guide you through Global Academy with tips, resources, and questions. IFI recruited me because, as a chameleon, I adapt to my surroundings just like anyone who works in cross-cultural contexts. I’m here in hopes I can remind you that we become different when we surround ourselves with people from around the world and learn from them! 

After this training you will know IFI’s vision, mission and outreach, comprehend basic cultural differences, understand differences in cross-cultural communication, see the value of hospitality and friendship, and know how to share your faith with internationals.

Your progress will be saved when you complete a module so it is best to go one module at a time rather than stop part way through. 

Let’s get started below!




  • 1.1

    About International Friendships (IFI)

  • 1.2

    About International Student Ministry (ISM)

What Students Experience

  • 2.1


  • 2.2

    Cultural Adjustment and Helping Students

Being a Learner

  • 3.1

    Being a Learner

  • 3.2

    Culture Differences

  • 3.3

    Value Differences

  • 3.4

    Interacting with Students

Being A Trader

  • 4.1

    Building Cross-Cultural Relationships

  • 4.2


Being A Storyteller

  • 5.1

    Sharing Your Testimony

  • 5.2

    Cross-Cultural Discipleship

Final Steps

  • 6.1

    Volunteer Agreement

  • 6.2


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